A horse story is a love story...

There is not much else to say...

I'm not a horse person; horses are beautiful animals but I don't bond with them much.... I'm more of a cat person, if you see what I mean :)

.Most certainly because I'm a city girl and because the idea of spending time in dust, mud, out in cold weather, out in hot weather, under the rain... is way too far from my idea of a nice relaxing time.

Call me superficial, call me ridiculous... Say I don't get it, whatever.

But a very close friend of mine is a passionate horse rider. The time she gives to her horse, the way she talks about it... there is something extremely tender and strong at the same time I like very much.

When I come visit, spend a few days with her, there is always a few horse moments....

Those I quite like :)


Come closer....

Coming closer....

"Look... She's taking a picture of us!"

"I'm not looking at you... not in the mood... leave me alone!"

"Carrots in your pocket... Maybe?"


Someone needs a bath I think...

"Enough of you photographs now..."

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